What can you expect from this Component?

This component was created to give us and our clients a simple way to manage some aspects of a Constant Contact Account from within a Joomla! website. The main features in the first release will be to allow list management by the site admin as well as being a marketing tool that can be used to ask your site members the question "What interests do you have?"
These interests can be linked (or not) to a list in your Constant Contact Account.

(We hope to add additional features in future versions. Such as the possibility of adding Campaign Management.)

If you create an interest that is not linked to a Constant Contact Account, at anytime you can choose to create a new list based on that Interest and the component will automatically add all users that have that interest selected.

There are two methods for your users to access their interests:

  1. Either from within their user profile (only if you are using the Joomla! User Manager - and the user plugin is enabled)
  2. or from a menu item (can then be used with other user managers like JomSocial or Community Builder)

Example Usage

ADD an example here... based on how I set the component up in the tutorial.