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If you need a quick and easy way to add a Twitter image and link on your Joomla! website, then look no further. With 8 different image choices and it's simplicity of use, our module is a piece of cake to use!

We are happy to announce our latest addition to our repository of extensions. With the popularity of social networking websites, there are many ways to get Facebook, Twitter and other social media links on your website. If you are like me and like to keep it simple, this module does the trick to get you a quick, great looking link to your Twitter page.

You will be able to place one of the following images (and link to your twitter page) on your website with a quick install and customization.

Facebook Image Style 1
Facebook Image Style 2
Facebook Image Style 3
  •  Download v1.2.4 Version 1.2.4  Released: September 26, 2020
    • Updated for Joomla 4.x Compatibility.

  •  Download v1.2.3 Version 1.2.3  Released: January 6, 2019
    • Tested for Joomla 3.9.x Compatibility.

  •  Download v1.2.2 Version 1.2.2  Released: February 18, 2015
    • Added missing 'Module Suffix Class' to template. (Thanks ralfmason)

  •  Download v1.2.1 Version 1.2.1  Released: October 17, 2014
    • Modified Update Server URL (in the XML manifest) for our new site and the Akeeba Release System.

  •  Download v1.2.0 Version 1.2.0  Released: October 4, 2014
    • Added a fix to the twitter url if no http was found.
    • Removed the images.php file used to view image examples in favor of linking directly to a new page on (due to Joomla sites installed in a subdirectory on the web host, the image link would break because it was hard coded to look in the root /media... directory).
    • For fun, we made the image examples page responsive with Bootstrap.

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