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The idea behind this plugin is simple, we wanted an easy way to create links or buttons on our site that would be linked to a menu item. This way if our site structure changed, we wouldn't have to redo all of our links. This plugin in no way replaces any menu system, but rather allows you to create links in an easy to use method.

Version 25 Version 30 Plugin 

This is a Content Plugin that helps to create links on your site. You can create a link from any menu item either an internal or external link. Style the links to show as buttons with the default menu title or a custom menu title.

How it works:
  1. Configure the default parameter settings
  2. Choose many different ways to display the link, such as:
    • In the same window
    • In a new window
    • In a popup window
    • In a modal window
    • Or using RokBox
  3. Place the content plugin in your article or any other page that allows content plugins
  4. Using additional labels, you can customize any link to override the default parameter settings
  • Joomla 2.5.x & 3.3.x Native
  • Create links dierctly from existing menu items
  • Style a link as a button with icons (using Bootstrap)

Please take a look at our  documentation to learn how to configure this module.

Please use our Help Desk to submit a support ticket or report a bug.

Please use our Support Forum to request a feature.

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