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Our compilation of Frequently Asked Questions related to our extensions.


We have created a unique system plugin that is a companion to all of our Constant Contact extensions that use the OAuth2 API which allows our extensions to interact directly with the Constant Contact web services. The advantage of this keeps your visitors and registered members on your website and allows us to gather specific account data without leaving your site.

In October of 2014 we converted our downloads manager from DOCman to the Akeeba Release System, then in 2020, we migrated our downloads to SD Release. With these changes, we are able to offer automatic updates to our subscription based extensions (for the duration of an active subscription). This installer plugin is required to interact with our website for authentication, and ease of updating your purchased extensions. A 'Download ID' is only required for our paid Club Subscription extensions.

Please see our FAQ under 'Website Help' regarding how to use a 'Download ID'.

You can view the change log for any extension from their product page and clicking on the "ChangeLog" tab.

As with most Joomla! Developer websites, we sell subscriptions in order to download our 'paid' extensions. This subscription allows the access to download the software for the duration of an active subscription, as well as access to our support team.

To buy a subscription, simply look for the 'Register to buy' button found on every 'Paid' extensions product page for the extension you are interested in.