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Constant Contact Profile Majix Featured

A unique solution for anyone that has a Joomla! website and wants to subscribe their registered members to their Constant Contact account. Instead of creating multiple extensions for all the different User Managers available, this one extension will integrate with most of them, simply by leveraging the Joomla! Core Registration process.


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This is a User Plugin that fills in the gap between Joomla! & Constant Contact. This extension will subscribe your members to the pre-defined Constant Contact list(s) that you have selected.

How it works:
  1. Your members register on your website as usual.
  2. During the new members first login to your website, they will be added to your Constant Contact account.
  3. Additionally, this plugin will work with most user managers besides the built-in user manager like: Community Builder, JomSocial and extensions like Easy Profile.
  • Joomla 3.x Native
  • Registered Users are added to Constant Contact
  • You can specify one or more lists to auto subscribe users to
  • Constant Contact Paid Account < http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp>
  • PHP 5.4.x (7.1 or greater recommended) with cURL support
  • Our System Plugin (included in packaged zip download) that adds the Constant Contact API Library

Please take a look at our  documentation to learn how to configure this module.

Please use our Help Desk to submit a support ticket.

Please use our Support Forum to report a bug.

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